Global CTB Review – Is Its Customer Support and Security Unmatched?

As I keep searching for information about online brokers that provide with trading services, I continue to explore more and more new stuff about them. I have noticed that most new traders really appreciate it when their trading platform is safe and comes with great customer support. They can ignore other flaws in a trading platform if they are getting both these things in one place.Global CTB is one of those platforms that I have heard a lot of great things about from its traders. I usually see them admiring its customer support and security. For this reason, I am giving you this Global CTB review that’s mainly focused on those two areas.

Security and Customer Support from Global CTB

Many Contact Channels

Not all the new trends in the digital world are great. For example, the trend of finding answers in FAQs on the website has become quite repetitive and useless in recent days. Yes, it was a great option a few years back, but since online companies have started using it as a replacement for customer support, I think it has turned into something annoying. You get a detailed FAQs section even when you sign up with Global CTB. However, the good thing is that you get many other channels to get in touch with this company. You can use email, phone, and even live chat support right on the website to make your voice reach the right professionals.

KYC and AML Followed Strictly

If someone has stolen someone’s identity and they try to sign up with Global CTB, they cannot do that at all. That’s because Global CTB has incorporated KYC and AML policies on its website very strictly. This means you will have to provide your banking details and identification information in pictorial form before you can sign up with this company. Only legitimate customers can do that. Furthermore, you can only deposit fund from the account that’s in your name. This way, the broker has made its online trading platform very safe.

Segregated Funds and Encrypted Info

From the previous point, I am sure your mind must have raised some questions. So, if you are going to disseminate so much personal information, is the broker going to secure it in any way. And yes, you can rest assured that Global CTB will protect your information through the encryption of data as soon as you enter it on the website. Furthermore, the funds you deposit in your trading account will not go into the account of the company. They will be maintained at separate accounts that are only there for traders’ money.

Final Thoughts

You can see how just these three security and customer support features are enough for a company to attract so many traders from around the world. Global CTB has thousands of traders that stay active on its trading platform throughout the year. If they are so happy with its trading services, I think there is some hope for you that you will also enjoy your trading experience with this broker.

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