Advantage and Disadvantage of Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

What is playing video games? It is not only a common question asked by many kids today, but also among adults who are drawn into any kind of computer based activity. Video games,  computer games, online games, and flash games are among the most common types of computer games that can be found in today’s market. Video games have become a way for people to pass the time and have fun while doing so, while playing games have even been used as therapy for some. For children, playing video games is a way for them to be entertained and learn through the interactive usage of graphics, sounds, and mathematical calculations; while adults can use video games to improve their brainpower through strategic thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

Advantages of Playing Video Games

The greatest advantage of playing live casinos video games involves the opportunity to socialize with others. If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer screen getting bored, you can join a game chat room to engage in a virtual conversation with another person. When you decide to venture out into the real world, you can easily meet new people or make new friends by participating in online game chats. This will even allow you to make new connections with those who are like you, regardless of whether you reside in the same town, state, country or world.

Perhaps the most popular advantage of playing video games on your pc is the opportunity to practice your skill. Many people spend a lot of time perfecting their skills so they can participate in various competitions that are held in professional arenas. By regularly playing on a computer, you will have the opportunity to perfect your skills, learn how to coordinate your fingers and movements, and build up hand eye coordination. Playing on a computer can also help you increase your vocabulary. Many pc gamers play games such as World of Warcraft which allows them to interact in a language that is close to what they would expect to encounter in the real world.

The final advantage of playing video games involves the ability to improve your memory. A large number of people suffer from short term memory loss as a result of stress and aging. If you spend a significant amount of time playing computer games, you may find that your memory will gradually improve. As a result, you may find that your quality of life has improved for the better.

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

There are many disadvantages of playing video games. For children especially, the disadvantages of video games are obvious. Because it is impossible to play with the family, or at least parents, by yourself, you must play games with other people. As you know, kids usually play their favorite games alone, without their families.

Another disadvantage of playing video games is the health problems that you can suffer from. This disadvantage of gaming has long been recognized. Long periods of time playing video games will make you feel tired, have poor concentration, and of course, this will also lead to the development of health problems such as high blood pressure and stress related disorders. As a result, gaming also increases the risk of different diseases like heart diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis and so many others.

On top of all these, gaming addiction is also a big disadvantage of gaming. If you have difficulties in controlling your addiction, you will realize how it affects everyone around you. You will start losing relationships and slowly lose every bit of your friends. It is true that games are not responsible for all types of bad habits, but if you let them control your life, it is very dangerous. Gaming addiction is the greatest danger to modern society. Luckily, there is a solution: many companies are now offering different methods of dealing with this addiction.

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